Updates from Sorace for Mayor
Feb 8 2021

Danene Sorace Endorsed for Mayor by Lancaster City Democratic Committee

Sorace is Ready to Work with the Lancaster City Democrats to Fight for Every Block

This evening at its endorsement convention, the Lancaster City Democratic Committee endorsed Danene Sorace in her bid for a second term as Mayor of the City of Lancaster. The Committee, made up of everyday Lancastrians from across the city, works to build a strong Democratic community and advance the principles of the Democratic Party in Lancaster City.

“I humbly thank the Lancaster City Democratic Committee for their endorsement” said Sorace. “The committee members, from every neighborhood of Lancaster City, understand how we need experienced leadership to move the city forward, especially as we begin to recover from the devastating impact COVID-19 has had on our community.”

In her address to the committee, she vowed to work for the residents of every block of Lancaster City as it addresses the pandemic, advances racial equity, and works to achieve long-term financial sustainability.

“These last three years, and especially the last year, have been some of the most challenging in our city’s recent history” she said. “In spite of, and because of these challenges, we’ve made tangible progress towards building a stronger and more equitable city based in strong neighborhoods, safe streets, secure incomes, and sound government.”

Sorace, 48, was first elected Mayor of the City of Lancaster in 2017. She previously served on Lancaster City Council where she chaired the Finance Committee. Before becoming Mayor, she worked in the non-profit sector to advance public health, education, and sustainability.

For more information and to get involved, please visit: www.SoraceForMayor.com.


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