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Apr 1 2021

Did you vote by mail in 2020? – Comments from Danene Sorace

I voted by mail in 2020, and I’m sure many of you did, too.

As we’ve seen in states across the country, Republican-lead legislatures are attempting to enact laws that seem to have one purpose—to make it harder to vote. We’ve seen it in Georgia, where it’s now illegal to approach voters who are waiting in line, even to give them water. And in Texas, pending legislation would make it illegal for local election boards to proactively send voters vote by mail applications.

Pennsylvania is not immune to this. Right now, the PA Senate’s Republican-lead “Special Committee on Election Integrity and Reform” is soliciting public feedback about voting by mail and other expanded voting provisions enacted they themselves passed and the Governor signed into law.

Please, take 5 minutes to fill out their survey. Make sure you tell them you enjoy having easy access to your constitutionally guaranteed right to vote.

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In solidarity,