Danene's Priorities

Strong neighborhoods are vital to a strong city.

• The City is home to 30 neighborhood parks and public spaces that serve as gathering places for residents and playgrounds for children. I’ll increase investment in park upgrades throughout the city with improved play areas and lighting, and new benches and trash receptacles.

• I’ll continue to work with block groups, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and civic groups that want to organize neighbors around common goals and projects. I’ll also meet with neighborhood groups year-round throughout the City to share useful information, respond to questions, and give neighbors a chance to meet and connect with one another.

• I’ll work to increase the number of families who own their own home and support high-quality, affordable rental properties. 

Safe streets for people, bikes and cars. 

• Pedestrian safety relies on well-maintained sidewalks. Yet many property owners struggle to pay for sidewalk repairs. I’ll establish a revolving loan fund for homeowners who need help with paying for sidewalk repairs. I’ll also propose a sliding fee scale for permit fees, based on income and ability to pay. 

• I’ll support investment in bike infrastructure citywide, including a bike share program to make it easy for residents to borrow a bike and ride from one neighborhood to another.

• Well-marked intersections and targeted speed enforcement help keep streets safe for pedestrians and children at play. I’ll work with City Police to crack down on drivers who speed through our neighborhoods. And I’ll make sure that key intersections near schools and parks are clearly marked and posted. 

Economic investment in the City benefits residents and ensures a bright future. 

• Continue to promote investment by developers and business owners who create jobs. I’ll support a policy that requires investors who receive tax incentives through the CRIZ, LERTA, and other programs to pay their workers a family-sustaining, living wage. 

• Convene a Workforce Readiness Summit of employers, educators, social service providers, and residents to lay out a plan that will make sure our workers have the skills they need to land good-paying jobs. I’ll also work to promote workplace-based apprenticeships and mentoring programs, starting with City government. 

• Implement Poverty Commission recommendations for removing obstacles to employment and that support job-training, livable wages, access to affordable child care, and increased transportation options. 

Ensuring a sound government promotes investment and confidence in the City’s future.

• Continue to keep the City’s financial house in order balancing investment in critical infrastructure to ensure clean water, public safety and other essential services.

• Elevate transparency in city government by ensuring readily accessible information about projects and increase opportunities for residents to weigh in on issues they care about using technology.