No Backroom Deals Pledge

Mayor Danene Sorace is proud to sign the Lancaster Stands Up No Backroom Deals pledge. Sorace for Mayor does not accept donations from real estate developers with active or proposed projects in the City of Lancaster.

As an elected representative, I pledge not to take donations from individuals or corporate interests who represent the developer and real estate industry. I pledge to maintain my integrity in my financial dealings and prioritize constituents over corporate interests and developers. I will not engage in backroom deals that shut out everyday people from decision-making that impacts the future of their communities. I promise to use my power in office to promote a government of, by and for the people.

Taking this pledge means I will not accept contributions over $50* from any of the following**:
Corporate PACs, lobbyists, and executives of developer & real estate companies – companies whose primary business is the developing, owning, or managing commercial and residential real estate.

*Local campaigns have to disclose all donations over $50
**If a campaign unknowingly accepts money from any of the listed private interests they will return the donation in full