Updates from Sorace for Mayor

Nov 3 2021
May 18 2021

Danene Sorace Projected To Win Democratic Primary For Mayor

With a Projected Victory, Sorace Continues Bid for Second Term as Lancaster’s Mayor With polls now closed, Danene Sorace is projected to win the Democratic nomination for mayor of the City of Lancaster. “Campaigning during the time of COVID has been anything but ordinary, and I am grateful for the... read more →
May 13 2021

Danene Sorace Receives AFSCME Council 13 Endorsement

Sorace Honored to Work Alongside Dedicated Public Servants Danene Sorace, candidate for Mayor of the City of Lancaster, has welcomed the endorsement of AFSCME Council 13, whose members provide the vital services that make Pennsylvania happen. “I would like to thank AFSCME Council 13 for their support” said Sorace. “AFSCME... read more →
Apr 15 2021

Danene Sorace Signs No Backroom Deals Pledge

Pledge Reflects Sorace’s Commitment to Fight for Every Block Today, Danene Sorace announced she has signed on to the Lancaster Stands Up No Backroom Deals Pledge. The pledge, available here, reflects Sorace’s commitment to fight for every block of Lancaster City, and to use every tool available to secure affordable... read more →
Apr 1 2021

Did you vote by mail in 2020? – Comments from Danene Sorace

I voted by mail in 2020, and I’m sure many of you did, too. As we’ve seen in states across the country, Republican-lead legislatures are attempting to enact laws that seem to have one purpose—to make it harder to vote. We’ve seen it in Georgia, where it’s now illegal to... read more →
Mar 8 2021

International Women’s Day – Comments from Danene Sorace

Earlier today I spoke at Millersville University for their International Women’s Day celebration. It was great to share my experiences with their students and answer their insightful questions. Here are some highlights from my talk. My message to women everywhere: Don’t count yourself out before you count yourself in. Thank... read more →
Feb 25 2021
Feb 8 2021
Jan 18 2021

Celebrating Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This morning I attended the (virtual) 33rd Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast hosted by the Crispus Attucks Community Center. It is always a privilege to participate in this keystone event for such an integral part of the Lancaster community. The words shared by our former council president... read more →
Jan 7 2021

Statement from Danene Sorace – January 6th Insurrection

What we need now is principled leadership that is rooted in integrity and service to others. Yesterday, we witnessed behavior that seeks to destroy what we hold dear, seeks to divide us and not bind us up as a union, as one. This behavior has been fueled by complicity, benefitting... read more →
Jan 1 2021

Happy New Year! – A Message from Danene Sorace

As we bid a fond farewell to 2020 I wanted to share my wish for the new year with you. Recently, LNP | LancasterOnline asked what I found most challenging about 2020, any lessons I learned that might stay with me, and what my wishes were for the new year.... read more →
Dec 21 2020
Dec 16 2020

Fighting for Every Block – Danene Sorace for Mayor

Video Transcript (English) Hi Lancaster. Next year marks the start of my 4th year as your Mayor. There are many challenges facing our city, yet I know great opportunities lay ahead for us, and I am more determined than ever to fight for every block, continuing the work we have... read more →
Dec 16 2020