Mayor Sorace’s Priorities

Danene Sorace is fighting for every block

Mayor Danene Sorace knows great opportunities lay ahead for Lancaster, and she’s more determined than ever to fight for every block of our city, continuing the work she has set out to do.

Mayor Sorace’s immediate priorities during this historic moment will be grounded in the recovery from COVID-19 and prioritizing Racial Equity. This recovery and commitment play a pivotal role in her continued focus on Strong Neighborhoods, Safe Streets, Secure Incomes, and Sound Government for Lancaster.

Recovery from COVID-19

It’s clear that the havoc COVID-19 has wreaked on our community will have long-lasting effects. Mayor Sorace is the experienced leader Lancaster needs to move the city forward during this time of transition and recovery. She will continue to be the outspoken leader in the region until all city residents are safe.

Racial Equity

The murder of George Floyd renewed calls for long overdue racial equity across the country, and Lancaster was no exception. Building on the City’s commitments to equity, Mayor Sorace is committed to addressing racial equity for all of the city’s residents through a holistic lens—housing, policing, and economic opportunity.

Strong Neighborhoods

Under Mayor Sorace’s leadership, the most significant investment in affordable housing in 50 years will be completed at the former hospital site on College Ave. This project, along with maximizing use of city tools like the Landbank and Redevelopment Authority for the development of affordable housing, will continue to grow the supply of safe, accessible, affordable housing year over year.

The first comprehensive plan for the City of Lancaster in nearly three decades is in development, and with Mayor Sorace’s leadership, a resident-led process will ensure that resident needs are prioritized for decades to come in how Lancaster approaches resource allocation.

Safe Streets

In a city where most of our children walk to school and many people walk or bike to work, Lancaster will implement its Vision Zero plan across public works projects that will make our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles ending needless deaths and injuries.

Secure Incomes

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare just how important solving the digital divide is. Lancaster City will be the only city in Pennsylvania with a fast and powerful municipal broadband network. This will attract high wage employers, support city operations, and be available to residents, including those with limited means.

Sound Government

A newly hired Chief of Police will complete a full review of the department, a rewriting of the guidelines around protests to better balance community safety and free speech, and a new era of trust building for the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

Pennsylvania cities like Lancaster are not given the tools they need to fund the services they are mandated to provide. Mayor Sorace is committed to advocating for both short-term assistance and long-term structural changes that can steady Lancaster’s financial future for years to come, leveling the playing field for the city’s residents.